14 Character Custom German European License Plate

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  • PLEASE NOTE: For these 14 character plates, we ONLY have stamps for normal letters A-Z, numbers 0 - 9 and a dash.
  • This font is different from the standard license plate font
  • Show quality authentic metal plate with embossed characters
  • Official European Union size of 520MM x 114MM
  • Custom made to your specifications

Maximum 14 characters


Professionally manufactured metal plate is embossed using special dies that raise the characters allowing a high-quality finish to be hot stamped on to the aluminum plates; this process is exactly the same as used in Europe for decades and allows for the most authentic plates to be produced.

Our plates have a reflective background and have an International country code printed on to the plate with the European Union stars. Europeanplates.com can duplicate most plates from Europe including seals if applicable to complete the plate.

We have all the necessary hardware in stock to install your new plate correctly.


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