Overview - Mounting Solutions

In most cases, if you wish to mount your plate on your car you are going to want to use a mounting frame. Frames will prevent you from having to drill holes in your license plate, and they protect your bumper from the new metal plate. We offer two frame styles with universal cutouts to fit any car – Mirror Chrome and Matte Black.

Typically, screws are used to mount the frame to your vehicle. However, if your bumper doesn't have holes, or if you prefer to easily take the plate on and off, then check out our sturdy 3M Dual Lock adhesive options – in Clear and Black.

Mounting Screws provide a standard, secure mount to your car, and may be used universally with one of our frames. You may also choose to display your plate on your car without a frame, which can be accomplished by drilling holes in your custom plate and using our mounting screws to secure it to the bumper.